Photo: Brandon Hardy

Photo: Brandon Hardy

Giant Waste of Man is an American rock band based in Los Angeles. Featuring two frontman, multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Ben Heywood and multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Cam Dmytryk write songs heavily indebted to 90s northwest guitar music. The songs on their debut record The Politics of Lonely (out May 3rd on Chain Letter Collective) seesaw between angst and worry, tenderness and teeth.

Third single, “Still”, is an upbeat banger, with Dmytryk calling and cooing over snappy drums and a staccato guitar riff. Lyrically, “Still” is equal parts perseverance & stagnation.  Says Dymtryk, “It’s the mental wrestling match you have with yourself once continuing to ‘follow your dreams’ starts to seem futile.  It’s about ignoring your boring peers who already gave up, flexing and moving forward, fist in the air.  It’s all we got.”

As a whole, the record speaks to the myriad of forces looking to derail or discourage the progressive dreamer. Says Heywood, "The Politics of Lonely is a meditation on the isolating nature of technology and media within a national landscape built on social injustice, bigotry and the threat of nuclear annihilation. And maybe how we can survive it.”

Giant Waste of Man performs Saturday, April 6th at Mr. T’s Room at Highland Park Bowl. Previous singles “All My Friends Are Batshit Crazy” and “What To Do About Desire” are now streaming on all digital platforms.