John Anderson, the composer who releases music under the moniker Comanche Peak, undertook a monumental project at the beginning of 2018. He set out to release a song every day of the last year, paired with visuals, on his Instagram account. The result, 2018, arriving today at all streaming platforms, is a leviathan of a debut record. Over 180 minutes spanning 220-plus tracks, Anderson manipulates synths and soundscapes, creating a cinematic piece that is at once playful and emotionally vibrant.

Anderson’s music is informed by his wanderlust. Having lived in as disparate of places as Alaska to Fiji, India to West Texas, Anderson channels the mythos of these places into acute 70s SciFi-indebted songs. Now living in Los Angeles, Anderson’s day to day may have changed, trading jungle for concrete, but his mindset has remained grounded in the fantastic, the mysterious and the wonder he’s uncovered in all walks of life.

Check out the first song of his epic album, fittingly called “January 1st”, below and stream all of 2018 wherever you listen to music.