There’s a lot of depressing shit in the media currently. What discourages me further is the media we consume is specifically curated to be as rage-inducing and divisive as possible, because that’s what drives clicks (read: advertising). So with this in mind, it’s a breath of fresh air to share the new dimber video. Directed by Elizabeth Weinberg, the official video for “Sons & Daughters” juxtaposes lyrics that criticize the patriarchal police state with a badass body-positive dance party. Take three minutes and enjoy!

Here’s what dimber’s CJ Miller has to say about the video:

"And with a developing strength perhaps we can create a shift towards equal opportunity and access for every human. With no discrimination based upon ethnicity, sexuality, physicality or gender... a dismantling of any oppression based on our innate qualities. And a dismantling of restrictive gender roles. Where girls must be soft and demure. Where boys are punished for crying and expressing vulnerability. Where girls play house. And boys play with guns. 

Sons and Daughters is an outcry against those roles and systems. The ways we feel isolated from each other, even in a densely populated city. It also relates to my experience as a trans girl in navigating gender roles and a world which would see me dead or bound and gagged in pink satin. Maybe the kids will do better."