From time to time we come across an LA band we really dig whose record we didn't release.  Earlier this year a band called MINNOW put out a stellar EP called Exploded View of Home.  At first blush, Home is a straight-forward guitar record, but a closer listen unlocks a chilly cinematic world of complex arrangements, sparkling keys and head-bobbing rhythms.  Our favorite track is called "Waves Goodbye."  Recently, we chatted with Alex Onate, drum player in MINNOW, about the band in general and this track specifically.

You can catch MINNOW live tonight at the Bootleg with Toothless.



CL:  Alex, I like how we met, reaching out and going to a show.  It spoke to the way you operate.  Super community based.  That's fucking cool.  Give us a brief history on yourself and how you got involved with MINNOW.

ALEX:  Thanks, Ben. Yeah, one of my favorite parts about being involved with music is the community. It's really cool to think about the amount of longtime friends I've made over the years just from playing in bands and becoming immersed with all the amazing artists around me.  I was born and raised in Los Angeles, started playing drums around age 6 and really just haven't stopped. Joining punk/hardcore bands is where I really found my place and that lead to a fair amount of touring and studio experience at a pretty early age. As for Minnow, the idea for the band began in 2011 with myself and the two guitar players Madison and Kenny, just a bunch parts that we had all individually been sitting on for a while that eventually became our first batch of songs. In 2012, with a full line up and a name, we released our first self titled EP and played our first few shows. I guess that made things official.

CL:  Ah, makes sense that's how the songs came about.  There's a real sense of dynamics based on the rhythm and drum parts.  That's true about my favorite track on the new record "Waves Goodbye,"  What can you tell me about that jam?  Where'd you guys record it?

ALEX:  "Waves Goodbye" is probably my favorite song on the new record as well. The idea for that one came from our guitar player, Madison.  When we started the writing cycle for this EP he sent us a few ideas he had been demoing and this was one of the first songs we put together. I'm really stoked on how it came out. 

The recording for Exploded View of Home was done between two studios. We did all the drums first with my good friend, Roger Camero, at Bright Mountain Studios and everything else was recorded and mixed by Kenny Tye, who plays guitar in MINNOW. He works for a music publishing company that has a really nice studio that Kenny actually redesigned and brought back to life. This was the first time that we had the opportunity to actually take our time in the studio and sit on ideas for a bit before committing.  We'd spend most evenings and weekend mornings in there just tracking a bunch of ideas. The mastering was done by our friend Jack Shirley who also engineered and mastered our first full length Trembles & Temperance.

Exploded View of Home is available anywhere you stream music.