Wolf Woodcock “Pet”


I’m not exactly certain when or where I met Wolf, or if he was wearing pants.  The bassist for LA’s psycho-sexual kings Vs Colour, Wolf is a man of intense talent, at turns a composer, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist.  “Pet” is his first release under his own name, but what immediately strikes me is how composed, how confident, the music is.  


Wolf had this to say about “Pet”:

"Pet is a song about the feelings someone can get when he believes that he is a subordinate in a relationship and conversely when the roles are reversed and his significant other feels unequal. These thoughts sometimes only come when he or she has distanced themselves from the relationship for a long time. It’s important to feel equal and to make sure that both parties have confidence in themselves as humans and as partners. This song explores both sides of the feelings and how reflection can prove to be helpful in moving forward in future relationships and friendships."


We look forward to many more releases to come!