Vicious Cousins is the continuation of Heather Heywood's previous band Kissing Cousins.  Kissing Cousins broke up in 2015 after having released an album, a slew of EPS and 3 7"s on Velvet Blue Music, as well as securing placements in television shows such as American Horror StoryHomeland, and Stitchers, among others.  Looking for a fresh direction, Heather, along with KC guitarist/vocalist Amanda Siara, employed experimental metal producers Vicious Scully to help them write and record new material.  The resulting EP All Disappearing is at once heavier and spacier than previous KC output, while still featuring Heather Heywood's powerful vocals.  Essentially a break up record, All Disappearing explores the nature of loss, the confusion of vindictiveness, and the resolve of just bashing through the pain.  New to the sound is Amanda Siara, who now shares lead vocal duties with Heywood, where before she played more of a support role in Kissing Cousins. Music videos for "Call Out to Us", "We Are Wolves", "Eat My Grits" and "Ask Me to Stay",  are in production.