QunQ is a rock band from Los Angeles, CA comprised of Ben Heywood

(guitar, vocals), Brandon Hardy (drums) and S Foye (bass).

The group started as the touring band for Heywood's 2011 solo effort Skills

for the Long Emergency. The band re-imagined many of the songs from

that record in a heavier, more complex fashion, leading to the trio believing

they had created a new band altogether.

After self-releasing two digital singles in 2013, Brooklyn based cassette

label nineteen98 compiled them--plus two new tracks recorded in Seattle

while on tour--as the 2014 release Desolation Row Revisited.

Their music is often compared to post-hardcore and math-rock bands from

the 90s, due to QunQ's mutant tones, alternate tunings and odd time

signatures. The songs are not without hooks, straddling the line between

what is difficult to listen to and what is pleasurable. One thing is certain:

the music is unquestionably aggressive.

Their self-produced full length, Ecstatic Doubt, is to be released early next

year on their new label Chain Letter, which Heywood runs with his wife.

The songs explore social and existential issues through personal exegesis,

championing the ideas of living in the present, an acceptance of chaos,

and a deep mistrust of conventional provided meaning, whether it be

corporate, political, or religious.

QunQ looks forward to releasing various collaborate efforts during the wait

for their official debut full length, as well as playing as many shows as

possible. All members of the band are involved in other musical projects.

S Foye produces, mixes and masters records; Heywood and Hardy both

play drums in other local Los Angeles bands, keeping all three as busy as

full time musicians that still work jobs can be.