Vicious Scully is the experimental metal recording project of Sean Foye and Ben Heywood of QunQ, most active between 2008-2011. The project began after Foye and Heywood watched every Dodger game of the 2009 season, marveling at Dodger announcer Vin Sully's magical skill as a broadcaster. Thusly, in honor of Vin Scully's 89th birthday, we are making the entire Vicious Scully catalogue available for the first time on streaming services.  The retrospective, entitled My Life In Dentistry: 67 Years of Vicious Scully is at once a homage to Vin's 67 years of Dodger broadcasting as well as the the title of Vin's unpublished autobiography if he were never hired as a broadcaster by the Dodgers.  The release includes all tracks rom 2010's Vices, 2011's Es Para Los Ninos, as well as 4 remix collaborations featuring Pyyramids, NO, P.R.E., and the Past Haunts.

You can listen to it on Spotify and buy on all digital music services!  

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