Fakers are a band.

They hail from the fine city of Los Angeles.

They started the band when they got bored. Bands are fun.

Fakers members were in other bands. Some of the other bands include

Piebald, The Henry Clay People, Vanaprasta, and Summer Darling.

Fakers are possibly better than all of those bands combined. But probably

not. Yet always aspiring towards something.

Realistically speaking, Fakers are a very loud band. Three electric guitars,

distorted bass, and a drummer named Ben will do that. They do not

believe in acoustic guitars. They do not even believe that acoustic guitars

ever existed.

All five members of the band (two long hairs, two reasonably groomedhairs,

and a Ben) sing Fakers songs. Sometimes together. But other times,


All five singers share what some call "personality voices." This is  just a

watered down way of saying that Fakers aren't for everyone. But I assure

you they are.

Should being a Faker cease to be fun, the band promises you that it will

break up. Because being in a band is fun. And should always be.

Lastly, Fakers share cheap beers, PB&J, and industrial-sized boxes of

cheese flavored snacks at least once a week. They encourage all bands,

but especially the ones just starting off, to do the same.

Save the Fakers.